What Do You Learn In PADI Open Water Courses?




OWD stands for open water diver and it is a certification provided to the diver so that they can perform the scuba diving for fun and adventure purposes. This certification is an entry level and different agencies provide these with different names. But the basis education provided in these courses are same which consists of various theoretical concepts and precautions to take while scuba dive in Perth as well as the practical of these. The beginner exercises are done in the pool and then these are moved to the open water but the depth of the open water must be what in which the diver has been training and the water conditions must be same as well to ensure maximum security. There are different levels of the courses which include beginner, advanced, rescue diver and then the dive guide and dive instructor.  

PADI open water: 

PADI open water is also the course for the scuba diving and just like most scuba courses it has knowledge part then confined water diving and finally the open water diving. The first part of the PADI open water is theory based covering the rules, concepts and the terms which can be used. Then once you are familiar with the basis then you are trained in a confined water environment which is usually a swimming pool where you can perform the mini dives to get the confidence and the cover the basic steps. Once you are confident that you can handle the open water scuba dive then you are taken to local dive area to practically learn what you have been training for. Once you have completed all these steps and shown an enough grip and expertise in the scuba dive then you are given the PADI certification and this certification then can be used in the dive centre to get various dive related jobs. In PADI open water you are usually trained in the depth of 18 meter but since this is beginner level and once you complete this then you could move to the advanced level courses which covers more concepts and advanced in depth scuba dive skills.  

Equipment used in the PADI open water: 

There is basic scuba dive equipment used in this course containing the mask, fins, control device, snorkels as well as a tank. This equipment could have more or less component depending on the climate you are diving it. There is usually tropical, cold or temperate water. You can also ask this from your local padi open water course instructors that in which conditions you will be learning and what kind of gear would you be using before signing up for the course.  

PADI open water material: 

The theoretical concept material is given to the student and they can learn it being at home, once they have completed it then they could schedule their practical training with the instructor.